Network maintenance on

Hello,The problems of the last few days have been caused by attacks that target Wordpress systems on our servers. Our firewall acted and blocked IPs concerned.We have taken measures to move and isolating customers and in near future we will implement an integrated system of dedicated protection on specific Wordpress issues.Also next month, we will ... Read More »

22nd Oct 2013
MAINTENANCE notification: routers software update

Our datacenter will undertake a rare mandatory maintenance and update core routers and access switches firmware in some locations that require network equipment restart.In general, for each service expect ONE or TWO service disruptions, each one estimated to take around 3-5 minutes in 2 separate mornings during the following ... Read More »

15th Apr 2013
.ro domains is now on

.ro domains is now on again. You can order again .ro domains.

Thank you for your patience.

4th Mar 2013
.ro domains achizition suspended

Because the only .ro provider,, has changed the API for orders, the sales for .ro domains is suspended. We'll come back soon. Thank you.

24th Feb 2013
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