Security and data safety come first!

Prevent internal attacks

Insider attacks are prevented by isolating accounts by using CloudLinux technology. This technology isolates each account by using LVE (Lightweight Virtualized Environment) which partition server resources compared to a virtual server, but without affecting the physical performance of the machine. This ensures that a hosting account/website may not jeopardize or may not interact with another account. Implementation of CloudLinux has improved our customer service by reducing both the number of support tickets on the performance of websites, and the possibility of insulating infections or non-optimized scripts.

Another measure for prevention and data security on Mioritichost servers is port filtering firewall and antivirus solution that repetitively scans all files on our servers from viruses or malware.

Unauthorized scripts monitor and protect our customers' websites by Exploit Scanner ConfigServer solution that makes traversing a scanner and a monitoring agent scripts and viruses. This tool makes regular reports on changes on important files.

All Mioritichost servers are maintained to the latest kernel versions and security patches.

Preventing external attacks

The first level of security is given by the Mioritichost Firewall that is filter ports inbound/outbound. The system rejects attacks or multiple scans and automatically creates lists of  blocked IPs. The first level is temporarily limiting IPs access, after which, if repeated attack, the IP is permanently blocked. These actions are reported to Mioritichost  administrators and are viewed and analyzed manually.

Modsec technology protects all websites hosted by Mioritichost by blocking IP addresses that initializing unauthorized HTTP code injections. Our system compares each link to a list of thousands of known possibilities of SQL injection, XSS, etc. Proxy Access Attempt Reports are regularly monitoring manually by administrators Mioritichost.


Your data security is enhanced by external backup system provided to all Mioritichost clients. Thus, each client has the opportunity to create backups and download them directly from cPanel. Automatic backup account files versions are retained to external devices daily, weekly and monthly.
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