SSL web certificates

For all web site hosting packages we offer a free installable SSL certificate from the cPanel interface .

The SSL certificate will soon become mandatory for all websites. Google already recommends the "https" protocol for all websites that have forms through which visitors can transmit data. Google also awards top priority listing of SSL-certified websites in search results.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security technology that encrypts data that is shipped between the server and site visitors. Thus, an SSL certificate guarantees the authenticity of the website (visitors can check whether the website is the original and not a clone), ensures data encryption is not stolen or intercepted, provides the standard for online payments and online transactions implementation, and guarantees a trusted user experience.

Certificate Name Price (1 year) Validation Activation Duration Subdomains Guarantee Green bar Order
Let's Encrypt 0.00 Domain Instant Unlimited NU NO
Comodo Essential 12.00 Domain 1-2 ore 1 $10.000 NO
Comodo Essential Wilcard 79.00 Domain 1-2 zile Unlimited $10.000 NO
Comodo EV 150.00 Extended 1-10 zile 1 $500.000 YES
Comodo UCC DV 189.00 Extended 1-10 zile 3 domains $500.000 NO
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