Software Infrastructure

All MioriticHost systems use state-of-the-art software, licensed and compatible with the most modern hosting services. To ensure the best hosting and sales services, our team has researched, tested and implemented hardware and software according to our clients' ambitions and requirements.

Web hosting systems work on physical machines (much more performing than VPS in the cloud) that provide resources through CloudLinux, a system that provides advanced security and resource protection between accounts on the same system.

Daily, weekly and monthly back-up for each account, provides our customers with the peace of mind about the possibility of restoring the account in an easy way, directly from account management. This service is included in every MioriticHost hosting package.

One of the guarantees offered by MioriticHost is the uptime of over 99% (appears only on scheduled maintenance and announced in advance). Uptime maintenance is a focus for our team and is ready to intervene promptly on any incident. By partnering with CloudFlare, you can opt for caching services that will serve the static pages of your website directly from the cloud, up to 100% uptime, even over the scheduled maintenance periods.

The ticketing and support system is provided by the WHMCS system, an automated system, used by over 40,000 hosting companies around the world. This system automates and simplifies the administration of your MioriticHost account from a commercial and technical point of view.

Datacenter and hardware

We collaborate and partner with the best datacenters in Romania. In every datacenter, we have redundant and high-speed Internet connections, redundant power sources to ensure maximum uptime as well as controlled access and physical monitoring (24/7 security) or video for increased security. The datacenter floor is high to avoid water contact in case of floods, fire protection with automatic fire extinguishing, and constant temperature maintenance systems to protect the equipment.

All the equipment used by MioriticHost are well established brands in the web hosting industry, such as Cisco or SuperMicro for routers and storage systems, HP and Dell for physical servers made available to our customers. We have tracked equipment redundancy to ensure systems run smoothly by using dual power sources for each equipment, DNS servers with redundancy in each Datacenter and a more accurate configuration of internal networking.
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