DNS propagation and change of domains NS

When a user clicks on a link or ask your browser to access a website, it attempts to convert the domain name into an IP. This happens as follows:

1. Browser search locally in its local cache, the corresponding IP address.
2. If the web site has not been accessed in that browser, operating system is questioned.
3. Continues with local router or questioned DNS server configured in the network settings of the device's.
4. If still not identified IP, it will be interrogated by the DNS server of the provider's website.
5. If there either is not found, the DNS server will seek another DNS server that is configured as external relationship. This happens until the IP address is identified. If any DNS reply (if new domains registration) is asked DNS server operator who sold the domain.
6. When questioned DNS server operator, it gives information about the server where the domain is hosted. This information consists of names and IP (ex .: ns1.mioritichost.com
7. Hosting service DNS server will respond with IP domain and send it to the browser. Finally, the browser will construct the HTTP request for the hosting web server (resident from that IP) to serve the website to display.

For existing domains that you want to move to Mioritichost, you must wait "the spread" of the new DNS information. This may take differently depending on how they were stored old data. DNS data storage system has a timeout / confirmation TTL (time-to-live) wich is different for each machine / router / DNS server.
To speed up the spread of new DNS information, we recommend the following actions:
- do not repeatedly visit the web site because you reset the TTL-local sites (browser, operating system, etc.);
- clean browser cache;
- clean DNS cache operating system (ex .: "ipconfig / flushdns" pt. Windows);
- making changes to DNS in the evening to avoid affecting website functioning during the day.

For the operation of servers Mioritichost areas should they be configured name information to be correlated with IP account. The first step in this direction is done by configuring domain NS (ns1.mioritichost.com and ns2.mioritichost.com).
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